Katherine Speller

Editor, Writer, Reporter and Researcher

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Katherine Speller

Editor, writer, reporter and researcher.



NBC's Andrea Mitchell & Chuck Todd On Journalism, Politics & How To Talk To Voters In 2018 (Exclusive Q&A)

The day before midterm elections at NBC's offices in 30 Rockefeller Plaza is exactly as manic and magnetic as you'd expect. Lots of bodies, lots of screens — there's eyes on all the races you've been hearing about non-stop all summer. Considering the sheer number of nail-biting races going down across the United States that will very likely determine the direction of the next two years (at least), it's no surprise that their team is hunkered TF down and ready to report it all as it happens.
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To The Kids Who Deserve Better & The Adults Who Let Them Down

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus. I always wondered when the moment would come that I felt like a real adult and not so much like a child piloting a larger human suit trying my damn best. And I can’t help but feel like it came when it really clicked that there were younger, more vulnerable people than me — and that they were counting on me (and people older and younger than me) to do the things they just couldn’t.
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2017 Campus Activism, By The Numbers

What do college women really think of activism in 2017?
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Could Trump’s attack on ‘political correctness’ help the U.S. discuss race?

When Donald Trump tells supporters at his rallies that he rejects “political correctness,” he’s usually met with cheers. It’s a line that encapsulates white racial resentment, argues Sally Kohn, a CNN political commentator. Kohn spoke as part of The UnConvention panel, Political Correctness, From Left to Right at WNYC’s Greene Space in New York City on Tuesday.

How fear of diversity has led to the ‘civil war’ of this election

Fear of the “browning of America” has been the subcurrent running through the 2016 US presidential election. And that explains a lot of the vitriol, according to a panel in New York City Monday night hosted by actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi. It’s an idea that scares many white people. Forecasted more like an oncoming storm than a natural population shift, this demographic change is expected by 2050 or even earlier.
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How should women combat harassing dating-app messages?

Nothing good happens on the internet after 2 a.m. That’s what I told myself after I clicked into my filtered inbox (aka the abyss) on OkCupid late one night and received a message explaining "all the things" one user and his “boy” would do to me in a dark room should they get me alone. There it was, sitting heavy in by my inbox, in graphic and grammatically traumatic detail.
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For Black Students, The Punishment Rarely Fits The Crime

Back in January, a 15-year-old African-American student was taking a test in his third-period social studies class when a police officer walked in and told him he was under arrest. As the officer handcuffed him, he reportedly twisted the teen's arm hard enough to make him scream. That only made things worse: The school guard soon threatened to tack on a charge of resisting arrest. Link to Story

Losing Your Chill Would Be Great For Your Sex Life

Okay, so you finally meet someone you can actually stand or maybe even actually like. After floundering around and channeling all your internal panic into monosyllabic text replies, you eventually get to the point where you’re ready to get it on. But, then, unfortunately, as this all-too-familiar story goes: You have awful, uninspired and cringe-worthy sex that you find yourself talking s--t about during brunch a few days later. Link to Story

This New Doc Illustrates The Terrifying Countdown To Mass Extinction

It seems like we're always hearing that the clock is ticking on the planet -- and with good reason. The situation is, in fact, dire: From carbon emissions, to hunting, to the consistent (and consistently overlooked) damage to our oceans, human beings' effects on the planet are intimidating to confront, let alone dismantle. Link to Story

This Is Where The Law Messes Up When Talking About Sexual Violence

That’s the way Eric Stiles was able to wrap his mind around it all in the beginning — it was “something bad," an amorphous problem that didn’t have a name. When he was a child, his older brother molested him. Years later, when he was 16 and the police officers came to investigate, the words he heard for the charges against his brother were “deviant sexual behavior." Link to Story

This Presidential Erotica Is Not Something You Asked For, But Here It Is

As the cold weather has you exhausting your arsenal of unwatched Shondaland seasons and blowing through titles of your "to read" bookshelf, why not cuddle up with something new, something sexy, political and controversial? Obviously, we're talking about a whole series of erotic novels starring those aspiring POTUSes we love so dang much: the "Presidential Passion" series. Link to Story

Forget Everything You’ve Ever Heard About Period Sex

If you're a vagina-owning person who loves sex, you probably have strong feelings one way or the other about whether you want to do the deed while on your period. Some of us have sex drives that shrivel up to nothing during the time of the month and others become the horniest of horn-dogs. There's no such thing as normal for that. Link to Story


Katherine Speller

My name is Katherine Speller (or Katie) and I’m a writer, researcher and journalist from the Hudson Valley.
I like trees, sleeping late and meeting/greeting dogs on the street. My reporting and essays on pop culture, feminism, social issues, politics, technology, sex, relationships and more have appeared in Women’s Health, The Daily Dot, WNYC, Public Radio International (PRI), MTV News, Bustle, Thought Catalog, Medium and more.



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