Katherine Speller

Editor, Writer, Reporter and Researcher

New York, NY

Katherine Speller

Editor, writer, reporter and researcher.



I Tried A CBD Self-Care Routine & Am I Chill Yet? Link to Story

In Leo Season, Boost Your Confidence With Positive Sexual Affirmations

Now that Cancer season has tucked itself cozily into bed, we’ve passed the zodiac torch to Leo as the sun shifts into its favorite sign: That’s right, Leo season has arrived. Hit play on some Kate Bush, invest in a time-consuming skincare regimen hat people can ask you about (and they will!) and meditate on all the ways you light up the world like nobody else. Link to Story

Kim Kardashian’s Statement on Kanye’s Bipolar Disorder Is a Vulnerable & Compassionate Must-Read

For families with members who struggle with various mental illnesses, there’s so much that our peers who aren’t in that boat struggle to fully understand. And for these families, coverage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s experience publicly dealing his bipolar disorder, can bring out a lot of those feelings. Link to Story

The At-Home Self-Care Practice Real Women Swear By

In a pandemic where we’re all encouraged to stay home and stay safe and our health is at the forefront of our minds, it only makes sense that at-home self-care has become more of a priority. Our brains, bodies and spirits are bone tired at best and wracked with anxiety at worst — so any little bit of TLC you can offer yourself is vital. Link to Story

You’re Telling On Yourself With Your Pandemic Vacation & Holiday Weekend Photos

This spring and summer has been decidedly not that fun for the vast majority of us. And, by nature of keeping all of that information in your head, your mental health is very likely not at its best either. Yet, as parts of the country begin “opening up” — allowing (and promptly saying “never mind” and postponing in many cases) indoor dining — and loosening restrictions, Instagram has become the place you can spot a whole lot of people who are opting to believe the pandemic is over. Link to Story

Netflix’s 365 Days Shows Explicit & Non-Consensual Sex. How Can You Talk to Your Teens About It?

It feels like every few years there is a new scandalous movie/book/media property that drops and leaves a weird taste in adults mouths when it comes to their depictions of sex, consent and romantic relationships. The Polish-Italian film tells the story of a young woman kidnapped by an Italian mobster who threatens her family and gives her a year to fall in love with him (very Beauty and the Beast meets Fifty Shades) and, uh, she eventually does. Link to Story

Karezza is the Sensual, Slow & Sweet Sex Trend for Cancer Season

As we whisper our sexy goodbyes to Gemini season and the sun shifts into tender crab Cancer’s domain, it’d make sense if we’re all feeling a bit softer. After all, Cancers are all things homey, cuddly and nurturing — and that energy can be powerful in the bedroom. Which is why we’re recommending you give Karezza — coming from the Italian word for “caress” and referring to a soft, affectionate and emotional approach to sex — a spin during cancer season. Link to Story

Can I Talk About My Sex Life Without Making My Partner Uncomfortable?

Because humans are social, communicative critters, it makes sense that we want to share parts of our lives (including the intimate ones) with people we care about. As we grow into a more sex positive, accepting and generally less prudish culture, too, it’s a lot harder for the old reliable “don’t kiss and tell” rules to define how we talk about our sex lives in the year of our lord 2020. Link to Story

Learning to Read Tarot Totally Transformed How I Approach Self-Care

I spent the earlier parts of my life decidedly in the “skeptic” column when it came to astrology, crystals and all things woo-woo. I got the appeal and the aesthetic but hadn’t really been interested beyond half-listening to friends expound the virtues of Rose Quartz. Then I found myself at one of those less-than-fun crossroads moment between family stress, a major depressive episode and the slow painful death of a longterm friendship. Link to Story

Gemini Season Means It’s Time to Embrace Dirty Talk in Bed

Welcome to Gemini season y’all! It’s getting warmer and hotter now and we’ve had all Taurus season to hang in a cozy spoon cocoon, so now it’s time to flex a few more intellectual muscles (as air signs are wont to do) as the planet of communication takes charge. That’s why, no shock here, our Gemini season sex tip is dirty talk! Link to Story

Spooning is the Cozy, Comforting Sex Position You Need to Try During Taurus Season

In the world of astrology, Taurus is often known for luxuriating. In matters of love, sex, work and play, Taureans have exacting tastes and prefer comfort to labor — working smarter and not harder —when it comes to getting what they want. After all, you spent all of Aries season coming into your power, so now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor(s) and really bask in them. Link to Story

These Pet Subscription Boxes Are Made to Keep Your Dogs Happy

When you’ve got two mixed-size dogs in your house, it can be a balancing act finding the right toys that keep them interested and engaged, appeal to their individual quirks, play styles and, ideally, also won’t be shredded by either dog in seconds. What’s a doting dog mom to do when a toy that might last weeks with one dog could meet a messy, destructive end in 15 minutes with the other? Link to Story


Katherine Speller

My name is Katherine Speller (or Katie) and I’m a writer, researcher and journalist from the Hudson Valley.
I like trees, sleeping late and meeting/greeting dogs on the street. My reporting and essays on pop culture, feminism, social issues, politics, technology, sex, relationships and more have appeared in Women’s Health, The Daily Dot, WNYC, Public Radio International (PRI), MTV News, Bustle, Thought Catalog, Medium and more.



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